Howto: sexy scrollable movie clips?
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Thread: Howto: sexy scrollable movie clips?

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    Howto: sexy scrollable movie clips?

    Hi all -

    I've seen some sites lately that have really sexy scrolling movie clips, where the target clip seems to softly glide to a stop as you release the scroller...The solution that I came up with for a scroller is far less elegant.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial on implementing this cool style of scrollable clip?

    Thanks in advance,


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    basically all you want o do is put a delay command in the script, the longer the delay the slower it comes to a stop. Here's the link to a FLA file that will answer your question.
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    another thing to do if something is going to a destination with coordinates is:
    //let testMC be the movie clip
    MC_targetX = 500;
    testMC.onEnterFrame = function()
      this._x += (MC_targetX - this._x)/2;
    this effect will make it appear like it is smoothly approching the target coordinate

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