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Thread: http://www.bimarkinc.com - Medical Communications Site Re-launch

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    http://www.bimarkinc.com - Medical Communications Site Re-launch

    I'd like to invite you all to check out my company's website which was just recently redesigned to reflect our ever-growing capabilities.


    Just to give you a little background on the site: Bimark creates educational and promotional programs for healthcare clinical and management professionals. Projects vary from setting up and running live meetings, to publishing educational monographs, websites and CD-ROMs.

    We had been getting some good feedback on the old version of the website from clinicians that had just graduated from college as well as our clients. This version of the website has been redesigned from the ground up and now includes many samples of our work. The site itself is easily updatable due to its modular nature, but also to a content management system built with PHP/MySQL/XML that allows our employees to update areas of the website that change frequently.

    We look forward to hearing your opinions about the site. A lot of thought was put into how the site functions and we hope that it is user-friendly to all of you.


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    wow, very nice! Great transitions, very, very impressive. If I needed a medical communication device, this site would make me want to buy from you

    on a side not: how much money does a buisness like this pull in?

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    Excellent site

    - Good color scheme
    - Excellent use of photos
    - Lots of content
    - Good navigation/sub-navigation
    - As stated before nice transitions
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    My popup block blocked your site, i had to disable it to see the site.
    btw for the rest i liked it
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    D@MN! That was a nice site. Very well put together.

    cheers on that one!

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    not really sure......
    Very nice color scheme!

    I find that rollover sounds detract from the quality of the site. Very nice transitions. On the Flash animation page, it took me a moment to find out that the clicking on the squares showed new projects. Maybe you should have some sort of label there or something, to let people know.

    The rest of the site is very smooth. Good job.

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    Hey guys, thanks for all the kind words!

    deamothul, usually we try to avoid pop-ups and such, but the index page has a simple redirect to the correct page. We did that so not to destroy our file structure.

    bismark65 (hmm...close to bimark ), we were looking for a sound effect that was subtle and fit the ambiance. Actually, we had a comment why the music had extra notes. The sfx compliment the music track. But yes, if you put too many, it'd get annoying, that's why we left it on just the nav and the client login/event code buttons. the rest are silent.

    as for the flash page, I'll take your comment into consideration. We'll add a little something there to make it a little clearer.


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    Great job!! my favorite thing is the video in the lower left hand side. But I have to say good design and production all around.

    - Ben Yokitis

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