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Thread: getting flash certified??

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    getting flash certified??

    hey all,

    i've got a question that...being from vermont and not having anyone i know flash certified...can't be answered here. at least i can't find anyone to answer it.

    i've been working with flash for 5-6 years and really have never marketed myself...because it seemed like an always ongoing learning process. ok to the point:

    i'm now at a place where i feel i've got a handle on 95% of the visual stuff and 30-35% of actionscript as it pertains to me and my goals.

    bottom line is, i need to get certified...i'd like to take the classes i need to bring everything together and work in the field. it's been a goal for a long time.

    the difficulty is where? macromedia.com has told me some of the "wheres", and what should i take as far as classes? can one simply test out of them?

    anything on the subject of getting flash certified would help.

    and lastly, is it worth it...have you guys(and girls ofcourse) found use in the certification. other than proven ability, will this certification or these certifications be a great idea or an ok idea.

    i'd very much like to here your opinions!

    thanx all,


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    Why do you need to get certified? What benefits are there for you? Do you have a job lined up where you need to get certified?

    For the most part employers are more concerned with a portfolio and skill set rather than a peice of paper that says you are capable of certain things.
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    good question

    well that's a good question... that being the case i suppose i wouldn't need to...

    i don't however have much professional experience and i was thinking, going through this process might give me a bit more confidence in re: to whether i really know as much as i think i do.

    i mean it seems like every time i turn around there is something else.

    are you self taught? did you take classes? curiose.

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    IMO it just fills up another line to your resume... which isnt a bad thing...

    if it's cheap enough, why not. althogh I can't see it beyond its original intent... Macromedia to milk more money out of the community.

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    definitely recommend doing a search on this topic. been covered quite a bit.

    here's my abbreviated opinion, that i've gone into more detail before:

    a certification may help you get by the gatekeeper or HR person, who will definitely be receptive of the certification, but if your work isn't up to snuff an art director probably won't bite.

    i got my certification in october 2002 and probably won't bother with it again when it expires.

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    i've never hired a flash developer with a certification.
    it's all about portfolio, professionalism, and fit.

    it certainly cannot hurt, and erova's point about the HR screener is very valid.
    but once you are onto the hiring manager, certs are useless without work to back it up.

    IMHO, the certification program serves macromedia (read $$$$) a lot better than it does us, the developers/designers.

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    big thanX

    thanks all for giving my the skinny on this.

    i'll probably opt out of the certification and rely on my portfolio.

    thanks again all!


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