Hello everyone,

Here's my first attempt at flash game involving my favorite sport, dodgeball! Since I'm new, it took me 4 months to get this far I had to rewrite the "engine" 5 times because I kept coding myself into a corner. The game is supposed to have a space setting, but you'll find neither space nor a setting in the game, just a few sprites created by a talented friend.

I haven't worked on this in 6 months, but the new dodgeball movie has got me pumped and I thought that I might dust this off and take another crack at it. When I last worked on it though, it was chugging pretty slow with just the basic functionality. I had planned to do a tournament style just like the classic NES game, but with scrolling and extra collision detections I don't think it will be playable. I'm sure the engine is still really bad and inefficient, but I've done my best so far. Do you think that using smaller sprites would help that much, or leaving out some of the features? Could it stand on it's own without a tournament mode?

A fresh perspective would be nice. I've worked on this for so long that I got burnt out so any feedback/advice/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

A - Catch/Throw
S - Duck
D - Reflect the ball

Arrow keys for movement.
If you tap left or right you can run. Run for a second or two and throw the ball, or jump and throw the ball and you will do a special move.

The Link

Note: I'm aware of *most* of the bugs in the game, but was never able to find and squish them... yet. Also, after failed attempts at recording sounds I took free sounds from the web and ripped some (and a graphic) from a certain neo geo game for placeholders.