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Thread: controlling every frame of a walk cycle

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    controlling every frame of a walk cycle

    I'm importing a movie into Flash from Poser4. It is an outline of a figure walking, it is 120 frames. I want to delete the background around it and leave just the figure. Is there a way to do this to every frame of the movie at the same time?
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    If the file is a vector you can use the "Edit Multiple Frames" tool, select all, break apart (if needed), then deselect all and click the background and delete. You'll have to click delete for every frame, but this way you won't have to move your time line. It's not a great way but it will save you some time.

    - Ben Yokitis

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    If it's a bitmap sequence and there's no physical modelled background in the original, see if an alpha channel can be included in the images you're outputting from Poser 4. Flash will take the transparency into account, and you'll get a cleaner edge against any new background you're compositing in. I'm a newbie too, but I've been very happy with Animation:Master output to Flash MX 2004 using this approach.
    -- Dale Dobson, ddobson@offworldmarketing.com

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    use the "."

    you may know about this, but a very quick way to move frame by frame through your timeline when conducting these sorts of repetitive tasks
    is to use the "." hotkey. it advances the playhead forward one frame
    so you don't have to reach ALLLLL the WAAAYY up to the time line every time.i used to get tired of stabbing each frame with my stylus.

    again, you may know that, but i overlooked it for really long time. it speeds things up dramaticly.

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