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Thread: saw pixelized art. Now how do i do it?

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    lately i've been seeing a lot of pixelized art work like the stuff on eboy.com and netbaby and a lot of the featured web sites on "flashkit with the isometric view" and and...

    So my question is what technique and/or program do they use to get that effect? i'm really interest in creating some art with that look but i havent even found a name for it.

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    I have never tried to make that style of art, but I guess you could just draw whatever and then save it at 34 dpi and then enlarge it. I could be wrong, it's probably just a photoshop plug-in.

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    If what you are talking about is have a picture be very pixelated and then gradualy have it come into focus. You can do this by taking an image and brining it into your photo editor (Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint) and change it to pixelated and do this 5-6 times and each time do it less untill the picture is sharp. Then just import the images into flash and creat a animation. Hope this helps -Zek-

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    well, if that effect is "art" may be a point to be

    before you apply it to any picture, i'd recommend you
    have some thoughts about what you want to achive with it.
    mostly because pixelated isn't necessarily an effect you
    get when resizing pictures "the wrong way".

    you got two possibilities :

    the easy way :

    get a picture, use the photoshop effect mosaic (or similar)
    an adjust it to your wishes. you may get best results with
    that one if you work with a soft selection, so only part of
    the image shows those giantpixels.

    the best way :

    get a picture, try to figure out how big you want the
    biggest pixels to be and how big the smallest.
    then make yourself some fixed selections, from 2x2 pixels
    to 20x20. create a new layer, and fill part of the image
    with help of one of the selections with the matching color.
    long and tedious work, but the results are worth it.

    hope that helps

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