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Thread: how to make a score counter?

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    how to make a score counter?

    Quite simple really, im a newy to flash and i need to know how to make a simple score counter.i found a tutorial on flashkit but i dont think it was explained very well-or maybe it was just me!
    thanks for ne help!

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    you need help by incrementing an variable? o_O --


    scorepoints = 0;

    addScore = function(score){
    scorepoints += score;



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    Theres a few things you should know first.

    What does a player have to do to get a score?

    Thats the game creation, simple enough, thats your own idea. For this example, we'll use a button.

    So every time the player clicks the button, we add a point to the score.


    On frame one enter the code: score=0;

    On frame two enter the code: stop();

    Create a button on this frame and on it add the code: on (release) {score++;}

    and thats it!

    Simple eh?
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