ok, so here's my situation: i need to record the high scores in this online card game i have developed. as long as i can somehow send the user's high score(s) to this guy's remote server, i am all set. and also, to distinguish one user's scores from another's, i will need to retrieve the username at the start of the game. as of right now i have the score and username (whatever that will be) converted into an XML tag.from there, i have been following the tutorial/explanation in "Flash Help" but i am not sure how to know whether or not it works. see this:

//--------------------- create XML object
scoreXML = new XML();
scoreElement = scoreXML.createElement("SCORE");
scoreElement.attributes.username = "JARED";//_root.userName;
scoreElement.attributes.score = _root.totalScore;
//Construct an XML object to hold the server's reply
sentReplyXML = new XML();
sentReplyXML.onLoad = _root.serverReply;
//Send SCORE element to the server, place the reply in sentReplyXML
scoreXML.sendAndLoad([server name - censored], sentReplyXML);

when i run it within flash it tells me there is an error opening the page. all the code seems to work, but i just cant connect wth the server. is there something i am missing? or is there a better way to do it?