Hey- anyone remember me? it has been like a year since i've been on here! LOL. i work at a sucky ass new job and they wont give me flash, wtf. i do 2d cad randerings and it's boring as hell.

anyway at home i have a mac g4 and got it in 2000. i have a sony spressa cd burner and it used to work fine with itunes, but just stopped for no reason. i didn't change any settings or anything. i called apple and spent the 50 bucks for help, and then they told me to upgrade to OS 9.2, when 9.1 used to work just fine so why should i upgrade!?

so i didn't. i think that would just throw another variable into the mix when all i wanna do is fix what i have that USED TO WORK.

anyway it may be time for a new burner, does anyoen have a recommendation? i looked into lacie on apple's site but even then, users complained of problems. why can't they just make one that works with a mac consistently