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Thread: email BUTTON doesnt work in all browsers, where could i have gone wrong?

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    Ive created an email button ('on release' get URL "mailto: and all that..") It works fine in IE and AOL. But it did not work (the hand pointer didnt show on mouse over) when viewed in a friends computer whose ISP is EARTHLINK.
    Also, the button doesnt work when I test movie(Ctrl+Enter) in Flash.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.
    Thanks :-)

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    Well, to make the movie work when testing it inside flash, you have to check enable buttons under the control menu.

    As for your problem, as long as you put that action on the instance of the button and not on the frame or inside the button, it should work just fine. If you're publishing to flash 5 you might want to try to publish to 4 just to see if that corrects. We've ran into some flakey things happening when a user has an old plugin installed and for whatever reason it doesn't prompt them to upgrade to the 5 plugin.


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