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    can a movie remember the order in which external swf's are loaded

    Desperate for in depth explanation

    I have a main movie that loads in external movies, I want flash to remember what order the movies are loaded in and store the information for retrieval. I will then have a back button on each external movie and when you click the back buton it retrieves the previous movie.

    I know this is a big question, I do understand actionscript basics but am just starting to get into storing values in variables and arrays, I think the biggest stumbling block for me with this challenge is how can flash remember what happened five or six steps previous.

    Appreciate any help or advice or links to tutorials on this.


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    this might work:

    // Load a .swf movie into main movie called movie1.swf
    this.createEmptyMovieClip("movie1_mc", 1);

    Then when ever you want to recall that movie clip simple refer to the "movie1_mc" which is the blank movie clip you load your external swf into.

    I hope this helps in some small way

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    I find it really helps to think of flash a a very simple version of my thinking. If I'm going to remember a list of things that just happened I’m going to have to right them down. So using an array is a great way of keeping track of your movies and their levels.

    Grant Skinners gave a presentation at Flash in the Can a few months ago on implementing multiple Undo and Redo in Flash. Check it out. His flash presentation notes and his working file can be downloaded at http://www.gskinner.com/talks/fitc2004/

    This should have everything you are looking for ...and more.

    *don’t forget to mark this thread as answered so that others can use it as a reference (that is IF I have given you the answer you were looking for.

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    thanks for that very interesting but also a little over my head, I think the cons far outweigh the pro's for now

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