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    Flash Design For Mobile Devices 2 Day SF Workshop

    Flash Design For Mobile Devices
    Saturday July 31 and Saturday August 7, 10am - 5pm

    San Francisco State University Downtown Center
    Multimedia Studies Program
    425 Market Street, 2nd Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94105

    Enter the exciting era of mobile rich media development:
    Get comfortable with creating Flash content for PDAs, phones,
    and next generation mobile devices.

    In this hands-on workshop, you'll see the best ways to use
    Flash for mobile design through multiple demonstrations and examples.
    You'll get overviews of the most relevant issues issues and then
    cement your understanding through exercises. This is not a seminar -
    Each attendee will work on their own computer.

    What you get from this hands-on workshop:
    * Overview of the mobile Flash space
    * See cutting-edge examples of mobile Flash applications
    * Capabilities and limitations of Flash for mobile development
    * Key issues in using Flash for mobile design
    * Best practices for planning your mobile projects
    * How to structure your projects for easy mobile conversion
    * Design & Development tips and tricks
    * Maximize Performance while keeping down memory and size
    * See the best ways to present content on small screens
    * Debug your projects once they're on a device
    * Develop for multiple devices with minimal changes
    * Create compelling interfaces & engaging user experiences
    * Explore the opportunities for development
    * See major resources that'll get you started quickly
    * Practical experience you can start using right away
    * Demos of essential third party utilities
    * Design your own mobile portfolio

    We'll also build a mobile portfolio in the workshop - Imagine having a
    portable portfolio of all your best work (audio, video, graphics, Flash)
    with you at all times.

    You know you've seen the future, now learn to create it.

    Who should take this class
    Anyone interested in developing rich media content for mobile devices.
    Mobile developers interested in Flash as a potential delivery platform.
    User Interface designers who want to use Flash for mobile design.
    Flash developers who wish to leverage their skills for mobile development.
    Web designers who want to take advantage of the next big medium.

    Prerequisite: Flash I or equivalent experience recommended.

    Course #: MULT 9234
    Schedule #: 96327
    Section: Z01

    Hands on, 1 student per computer
    2 Saturdays;
    Saturday July 31 and Saturday August 7, 10am - 5pm
    SFSU Downtown Center, 425 Market

    Register Now! Call 415.405.7700, press [5]

    Additional Info:

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    Akron OH, USA

    I'd like to go but I do not live anywhere near SF. Have you thought about taking this on the road?

    Maybe do this in New York, Atlanta, Chicago. Link up with local Universities that have technology studies types of departments.
    aviarts.com - web development and flash development

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    I've been researching it a bit - it's hard to know what the most receptive schools are in areas I'm unfamiliar with.

    If anyone happens to know of catalogs/directories of digital media schools, that might be a good way
    to bring the mobile class to different cities.


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    Akron OH, USA
    Its also true that many schools seem to call this degree area by a different name and have different focus.

    In Atlanta, Georgia Tech has a master degree and PHD level degree program. I believe it is called Information Architecture. Anycase, my sister received a master degree from Tech and she studied a variety of things, video editing, Macromedia Director, web site publishing as well as classes in history of new media. I think they offered classes in most new media areas.

    I dont think there is a similar degree offered at any of the other Atlanta schools.

    I believe that Kent State, in Kent Ohio has a similar type of degree. Not sure if it is 2 year or master degree. These are the only two I am directly familiar with.
    aviarts.com - web development and flash development

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    I found and ordered this from Amazon last night:

    Gardner's Guide to Colleges for Multimedia and Animation, Fourth Edition

    I'm looking forward to seeing what's out there.


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    Akron OH, USA
    cement your understanding through exercises
    can you provide more detail about the kinds of exercises and problems you offer in your workshop?
    aviarts.com - web development and flash development

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    Hi Nader,
    I'm a student at Columbia College-Chicago, and am enrolled in a program called Interactive Multimedia Studies, and I think that the director may be interested in having you come there to have a conf.?

    Also I am wondering where I can go w/my PDA, PALM, or mobile phone to acess content made with flash on the web? Can you give me some sites.
    Thank you,

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    A good place to find mobile Flash pda content is:

    If you have a Pocket PC, you can download a game I made a while ago at:

    Lastly, I'd love to come to Chicago. Please email me via clicking on the profile button on this post.

    Nader Nejat // Multimedia Consultant + Developer
    OmegaMedia // http://www.omegamedia.com
    "We help people take advantage of interactive media"

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    The exercises are split between being conceptual in nature as well as technical.

    They deal with:
    * UI Creation + Strategies
    * Font Usage
    * Code Testing
    * Debugging
    * Bitmap usage
    * Portfolio Creation

    A lot of the class is discussion based and we cover mobility as medium and how to design for it specifically.

    The level is beginner to intermediate.

    Nader Nejat // Multimedia Consultant + Developer
    OmegaMedia // http://www.omegamedia.com
    "We help people take advantage of interactive media"

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