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Thread: Multi-user presentation notes and source

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    Multi-user presentation notes and source

    Hello everyone,

    We just got back from Flashforward. Electrotank had a session on multi-user technology (presented by webgeek). This thread is just for me to post the speaker notes and some source files. You can find them all on this page


    Our presentation was entitled Crash Course in Multi-user Technology. It focused on ElectroServer and many of the cool things that you can do with it. We showed how to quickly create an ElectroServer plug-in that enables real-time language translations for multi-lingual chatting.

    We also demoed a basic real-time multiplayer cooperative environment. The server spawns monsters and users can join and walk around, and kill the monsters. This demonstrates how easy it is to have cooperation in games. Multiple users can beat up on the same npc. (Also placing separate post about this since its the most useful.)

    Finally, we showed something that we thought was pretty fun. We hooked up a basic real robotic arm to one of our computers. Mike wrote a plug-in to control the robotic arm, which had a laser attached to it. I created a Flash application that connects to ElectroServer to control the arm. So we set it up so that we could control this arm from anywhere in the world using ElectroServer

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    Very helpful.
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    nice stuff,your presentation sounded great,too,im sad i missed it.

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