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Thread: Beginner Game Question

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    Beginner Game Question

    I have been using Flash for about one year, and have recently started programmming games.

    What game, or type of games should I start out programming? I would like to build up my knowledge of actionscript, so I can start programming more complicated games.

    All help would be appreciated.


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    I personally think a simple game would be like a puzzle or something. You have pieces which drop into place when they are put together correctly.

    Just my 2cp.

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    erm, well i'm not allowed to call it tetris ~_^

    but those sorts of games are always a good place to start in any language

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    make a first person shooter. thats the easyist because you have to make a life bar that tweens getting shorter, and put a button over the enemy so when you click him, the actions on that button are _root.lifebar.gotoNextFrame and on the last frame of the lifebar the frame has an action of _root.gotoAndPlay("dead"). for one of the best firstpersonshooters ive seen, check out newgrounds.com and search for combat instinct, by someone who goes by the name mcfretn. he made 3 of em.

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