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    Can anybody tell me step by step how to make a button?

    thanks in advance

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    Create the shape of the button you want. Example: a circle.

    Then make sure you have it selected, use F8. Select button.

    then go into edit symbols. In there you will add the other frames you need into the over and down button areas. Just click in those areas and use F6.

    Then lock that layer. Create a new layer, make sure it's above the other later. Type you text for the button there, repeat the process for the over and down button areas for the text.

    Place the button on the cavas. Select the button, and in the actions area put:

    on (release) {

    The 1 indicates which frame you want the action to goto. Just make sure you have a "stop()" command on the frame so that it does not loop by it.

    Hope this helps.

    The link below is an example which you can follow with some visual examples. It's just a bit long.

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