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Thread: pixely graphics

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    pixely graphics

    All my images imported from either fireworks or photoshop look really pixely when published in Flash. I've tried selecting the bitmaps individually and changing their quality to 100% or to 'lossless Gif' but it makes no difference. The images are screenshots.

    Does the 'break apart' option remove the quality settings?

    How do you get nice crisp images?

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    I just import them. Don't break them apart unless you're doing something that requires it, because it *will* reduce quality (a lot).

    resizing (to larger) will reduce quality too, so ideally, use pictures that are the same size as you intend to view them at.

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    Symsonic Design Studios
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    make sure to
    -not resize images in flash
    -turn on lossless compression
    -make sure that the image is ON WHOLE NUMBER PIXELS IN ALL containing movie clips that means if you have imagea inside a movie clip moviea inside a movie clip b all 3 of these items should be on a whole x,y Integer... Also DO NOT resize any movie clips that the image is in..

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