Hello all,
Due to the very little time i have to continue developing on Flash 'N Pack ( www.flashnpack.com ), some of my friends have suggested to take it into the Open Source World and let others continue it's developments, so I'm considering it... before i publish it's source code i would like your help and comments :

1. i need some open source experts to manage the legalities of the project.

2. i need some experts in Borland Delphi to start the project, and trace it's road map.

3. a technical writer to write the help files.

4. a flash developer to design free open source flash application to demonstrate it's power.

4. What you think about this?

Please let me know your comments.

Oh yeah if you are new to Flash 'N Pack please visit: http://www.Flashnpack.com and download the current trial version.


Jay Cherrabi.