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Thread: Javascript menus over flash "visible"

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    Javascript menus over flash "visible"

    I'm using this for Internet Explorer: <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

    ... and it works great.... just not in any other browser. I want my javascript menus to appear "above" my flash move just below the menu bar.. other browsers get hidden beneath.

    I've seen this on http://www.subaru.com/index.jsp and it works great... just when I view source I get a little lost... lots going on and it's the end of the day... brain is fried.

    Any suggestions?


    PS... I tried searching for this without success.
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    The param tag is a "subtag" of the object-tag wich is supported only by IE. The rest of the browsers use the embed-tag so you need to add: wmode="transparent" to the embed tag:

    < embed src="yourmovie.swf" wmode="transparent" .... rest of tag here ..... >


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    yep, that was already in my embed tag... thanks.... the subura site has more than just that though to make it work cross platforms and browsers.... visible; hidden layers, etc.... I just could not make heads or tales out of it yesterday.... perhaps after some coffee.

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