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Thread: Audio CD with Multimedia Element - Need Help

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    Audio CD with Multimedia Element - Need Help

    I have to build a CD-Rom that will work in a CD player and have a flash presentation. I use a Mac with Toast. So I burned a CD with my Flash.exe and Projeter files along with my Audio Tracks. I select "Enhanced Audio CD" from Toast. [I also tried "Mixed Mode CD"] . On the Mac everything works great. I mount the Disc and get two icons on my desktop one with the Flash Projector file and one icon that holds the audio tracks. Now here is the problem.
    On one PC (Windows) All I see is the exe file and no audio file. On another PC all I see is the Audio Tracks. I think the first PC is Windows 2000 and the second PC is running XP. Does anyone have a clue?

    I tried burning audio tracks first then adding data and then closing the session. I also tried not closing the session. I always end up with the same reusults.
    Mark Gooodman

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