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Thread: need a quick help

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    need a quick help

    I want to make a sweet greeting card for some one i like but since i have almost no expiriance in some kind of moving things i need some one to program for me a small easy script that will be played by a button ,here is what i want it to do (i have in mind two ideas ,any will be good)

    idea 1
    make a clone of object "Fl" and make it drop slowly from above and once it is no longer in sight make it disapeer so it wont be heavy on the machine RAM

    idea 2
    make a multiple clones of element "Fl" and make them drop like a shower of objects slowly from above , again once they are no longer in sight make them disapeer (it is iportant that this objects will fall few at a time so it will make a rain like affect)

    PS - if you could make number 2 for me ill be realy happy
    ok....what ?

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    I Forgot!
    Something similar to this has been done a while back on the forum (about December 2003) with a snow effect. You have a graphic of one snow flake and it can duplicate itself over and over again falling from the top. Search the forum for the snow effect. If you can't find it, I'll upload the .movie file. I think I still have it.

    Oops. I broke it.... again.

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