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Thread: interesting...and future..and question...

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    interesting...and future..and question...

    As you know, I was looking on the easyScript part of 3DFA...with a subproject K!FA...(interesting...at least for me)

    Now I have to announce that Kinesis Software has release a commercial version (2.0) on their web site and it costs arround 200 $....At this time I just downloaded it, and I will make some tests concerning the AS 2.0 part...give you some details soon...maybe I'll buy if it's good ! I'll see after having test it...

    Other point....because some of us were interested to build a new project...trying to get the same possibilities than 3DFA...here is maybe a good begining...check here is DrawSWF
    1) it's running
    2) it's platform independent (java)
    3) a drawing API is still implemented
    4) the source code is there !!!
    5) a lot of good links explain how to create swf from java...

    So many good reasons plus
    1) I'm very motivated !
    2) I'm building a site for K!FA and alternative stuff about Java
    3) I would like a product like 3DFA if it's really the end ...

    From now all the beta of K!FA will be posted only to the new site..
    i'll give you a link next week.

    My question is ....
    Are some of you interested to build a product starting with what is done from DrawSWF...

    Whatever is the answer, I'm OK, and I'll send the link about K!FA next week. Maybe, we could begin the project at the same time...
    give me a feedback about this topic !

    The concept of 3DFA was very good and cool, the concept of easyScript is excellent, but the lack of documentation, the absence of any source code to extend capabilities are too .....

    and whatever I like people on this forum ! Good atmoshere !
    talk to you soon !

    ps...another good stuff...
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