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Thread: Pixelated graphics & images

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    Pixelated graphics & images

    Hi Guys, I have a question about Quark express...
    I know what are you gonna say, "this is a flash forum..." but the thing is, I work with flash and everytime I get stuck, I post my questions and get the answers...thanx to you guys, I like this forum and I'm hoping someone can possibly help me out with quark express.

    ok, the problem is, I need to know the right file extention I should use when exporting vector graphics either from Freehand or Illustrator to Xpress..because when I export my graphics EPS, they get pixelated in quark not only in the screen but even when I print my pages...Frustrating...I exprerience the same issue with images from Photoshop to Quark...Can anyone tell me about the right extention I should be using..

    Thanx a lot guys.

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    I had the same problem once. It depends on many things. The version of Quark vs. the version of AI. (post script issues)

    I just kept trying stuff until it worked. I went through about 6 pages until i got it right.

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    just to be safe, check your links. make sure that Quark is seeing your files.

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    I remember (back when I used to use Quark 4 ... both mac - os9 - and PC) that it would always display an eps like rough bitmaps, but if I sent it to a postscript device it was able to render it okay. But I would assume that has changed in more recent versions of the software.

    Of course you could always just switch to InDesign ...

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