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Thread: Using Frontpage to edit Pages

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    I am creating a site in Dreamweaver Ultradev. On a few pages there are editable areas (frames and layers) that the customer wants to edit. The client does not have Dreamweaver nor do they want to learn it. They have Microsoft Frontpage. Can they edit these text areas with frontpage and then reload them to the site on a frequent basis while maintaining the look of the page?



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    Ummm, Too Bad

    Frontpage will probably reposition your graphics if you have any within tables. But, as long as you have Frontpage extensions on your server, the edits should work just fine.

    I worked for a law firm where it was the same deal. They wanted anyone to be able to edit the site after I left so Frontpage was the standard. At one point I actually created an asp interface that would allow multiple users to update a database which in turned updated a frontpage generated page. Access and Frontpage were obviously made to work together. That's really the only good thing I have to say about the aboration of a program called, "Frontpage"

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    yeah they can use frontpage. If you're using layers make sure they don't touch the layers, because frontpage has a really bad support for layers and most of the time it will ruin them

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    Front Page has terrible support for layers and Divs. It lays them all out Flat on the same page. If you had to show them how to use the HTML source edit in Front Page (defeats the purpose of using a WYSWIG editor but will allow you acomplish what you want). In general I have found Front Page to be unreliable in displaying the page corectly in its internal veiwer.

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