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Thread: Simple TextArea.text not working.... ??!!!

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    Simple TextArea.text not working.... ??!!!

    Hey guys, ive written algorithm to convert a randomly generated number to a binary number then display it in a text area inside the movie clip ive added this algorithm to. This happens every 5 frames of the movie clip. Sounds simple but for some reason the text area is not being modified. Im doing a trace and the binary is being generated, so it all works but the text area is not displaying this binary, any help??!!

    hold is initially set to 0 and holdnext is 5.

    Im using FlashMX btw..


    if(hold == holdnext){
    var div = -1;
    var div2 = -1;
    hold2 = new Array(100);
    num = Math.random();
    num = Math.round(num * 1000000000000000);
    word = "";

    while(div != 0){
    div = Math.floor(num / 2);
    div2 = num - (div * 2);
    word = word.concat(div2);
    num = div;

    myText.text = word;
    holdnext += 5;



    Thanks in advance....
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    try making sure that "myText" is not the variable name, but the instance name of your textfield
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