I'm looking someone to help me out on a flash dictionary cdrom project.

I will require the use of a projector program such swf studio or something else that is similar. Basically what i need is a way to search a databse of about 20000 to 50000 words with a sentence long definition each.

The user would search for a word, the matching words would show up in a window on the left, the user would click the word on the left and the definition would show up in a window on the right.

If you can set this up, please contact me or post here.
Let me know your price as well.

I would need this in a week or two

the requiremnts are that the program would run from the cd alone, and the database would either be inside the projectro or encoded, i don't want it to be a readily viewable txt file or something.

Please let me know

Thank you