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Thread: Database dictionary cd project

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    Database dictionary cd project

    I'm looking someone to help me out on a flash dictionary cdrom project.

    I will require the use of a projector program such swf studio or something else that is similar. Basically what i need is a way to search a databse of about 20000 to 50000 words with a sentence long definition each.

    The user would search for a word, the matching words would show up in a window on the left, the user would click the word on the left and the definition would show up in a window on the right.

    If you can set this up, please contact me or post here.
    Let me know your price as well.

    I would need this in a week or two

    the requiremnts are that the program would run from the cd alone, and the database would either be inside the projectro or encoded, i don't want it to be a readily viewable txt file or something.

    Please let me know

    Thank you

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    Make an XML document:

    you'd have a,b,c,d,e,f...
    <Def1>"A red fruit"</Def1>
    <Def1>"A software program designed for user interaction"</Def1>
    <Def2>"A means for expressing interest in a job position"</Def2>
    <Def>"A yellow fruit"</Def>
    Make a flash movie to take off the first character of the word input, find that in the main set of tags, once you find that letter within the root tags, search within that parent tag for the rest of the string.
    So typing in "Apple" would yield --- "A red fruit".

    I hope that helps, it's kinda vague.


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    thanks for your help, but I need to be able to actually search 20 thousand to 50 000 words and display the results so if I typed
    "can" it would display all the words that start with "can" like "can" "canada" "canary" etc. I would then click on the word and it would show the definition.

    I don't think the xml system would be adequate.

    Thank you though

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