Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here would like to group together up to create a series of flash cartoons.That is to say that I've already got the begingings of an idea for 3(one's is a oneshot deal and two that could be developed into a series) cartoons and that that I find doing flash cartoons as a group is a lot less time consuming than one person doing it all and can be extremely fun to do.

If anyone here would like to discuss on what I've planned just be prepared that the humor in the cartoons are in the style of the Drew Carey Show,Looney Tunes,Stephen Chow films with the art style similar to that of Joss Agle and Batman(Gotham Knights Version),so if you get why Whose Line is the funniest show ever feel free to IM sairimmer on yahoo messenger, so that we can disscuss what I have planned in detail.

Hope to hear from ya,