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Thread: Arrrggghhh.. How do i use the pen tool in Photoshop!!!

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    This is starting to annoy me.. Just tring to make a simple circle in photoshop, and a line.. Stupid anchor points and stuff annoy me.. Can someone gimme a tutorial, or give me some help pleassssseee..

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    One thing that I dont li9ke a bout photoshop is its lack of shape building.

    The pen tool is not for drawing but for making curved selections.
    To make a circle use use the circluar selection tool found under the selection lassos.
    Then goto EDIT -> stroke.
    Choos your pixel width and color
    or you can fill it with a color.

    On a side note. I wouldnt use photoshop for any illustrations. You may want to try Adobe illustrator or depending if you have Photoshop 5.5 or not, the free app. Adobe Image Ready. It is great for web graphics etc.

    Anyways, I hope that helps

    Good Luck!!!

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    The pen tool in photoshop is more complicated than

    illustrator's pen tool. In illustrator you just have to

    click the last anchor point then proceed with the next

    point, However in photoshop you don't just click the last

    anchor point but you have to hold the (alt key) while doing

    it. Then you proceed to the next point.

    I hope this helps?

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