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Thread: SWF Studo vs. Flash Studio Pro

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    SWF Studo vs. Flash Studio Pro

    Ok, I've spent hours online reading reviews, feature lists, people's experiences, etc., but I can't find any sort of review that compares these two products.

    Has anyone here had experience with both that can strongly recommend one over the other? Is there a general consensus on which is a better product?

    I am getting ready to purchase one, but naturally want to get the superior product.

    If such information helps, my plans include creating shareware apps that will need to write to and read from independant files that are stored on the user's computer once the thing is installed. (still not sure how to pull this off, but I'm hoping one of these apps will make it fairly straight-forward.)

    Anyway, if anyone has experience with these programs, I would much appreciate you feedback.


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    Hi, both products will allow you to save, read, write data to a file with easy to use commands. In the case of Flash Studio PRO v2 you can use the following simple FSCommand:
    saveTo = "myFile.txt"; 
    saveContent = "This is my Text"; 
    fscommand("flashstudio.savetofile", "saveTo,saveContent");
    With all new FSP Script, the code is simpler still!
    flashstudio.savetofile("myFile.txt","This is my Text");
    In terms of features, Flash Studio PRO v2 is the only SWF2EXE application that produces 100% Standalone Projectors (No OCX/Admin Rights Issues) and also is the only SWF2EXE that provides output to both Windows and Mac OSX projectors (With the FSPv2 OSX Plug-In) which are both very important factors to consider when building shareware applications.

    Please feel free to read our User Testimonials and also visit our Showcase to see what kind of clients we have (HP, T-Mobile and Sony to name but a few!)

    Goodluck with your decission making and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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