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Thread: Online Animation Collective

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    Online Animation Collective

    Just two weeks ago I launched Toonex, an online animation collective where writers, directors, animators, designers, composers and other creatives can go to collaborate on making animated films.

    The idea was inspired by the open source movement in computer programming. Users download digital files and documentation for a project, create their contribution to it, and upload their work to where other users can see it and offer their suggestions. The work is then pieced together and featured on the Toonex front page.

    Our inaugural project is called "White House Rats"... it is a political satire about two rats that live in the White House and their run-ins with their more famous neighbors. If you're looking for a chance to rail against Bush, this is a good opportunity. If you’re a Republican or apolitical, on the other hand, don’t worry: Toonex isn’t about politics or just about this particular project. It’s about starting a creative community that can really facilitate collaboration between artists.

    We’re going to be looking for further projects. If you’ve got a cartoon or web series that you’d like to make on Toonex, I’d love to see what you’ve got. You don’t need to worry about compromising your intellectual property; we’ve created a legal framework where you can keep the rights to all your work. This isn’t for everyone… you’ll need to have the patience to explain tasks to others.

    Check out our latest cartoon here.

    Visit our site here.

    E-mail me at wagster@toonex.org.

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    That's a really cool idea.
    -Space Chicken
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