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Thread: Training: Future for an inhouse designer?

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    Training: Future for an inhouse designer?

    Hi, I work for a large manuf. company as an inhouse designer, and I work solo, no other peers in my dept.
    Anyways, I've been asked to provide a list of training courses I would like to take, as next year's budget is being prepared.
    I'm stumped now (as I usually am when this comes around).

    Here's my current skillset...
    - Graphic design 2d stuff : profficient in photoshop, Illust.
    - Intermediate Flash animation skills, very little actionscripting

    Currently teaching myself
    - 3D with Hash Animation Master (3D's got a steep learning curve)
    - Very basic video production, with cheap software (Powerproucer)

    I mainly employ my skills here in presentations (powerpoint, yuck) but I also produce promo pieces, so there's quite a bit of print involved too.

    I know this may sound vague, like asking "How do I make $?", but if I don't ask, how will I know? Like I said, I'm in a designer's vaccum, in that I'm a one-man team, so these forums are all I gots! Sorry if I sound like a confused soul, maybe I am. Regardless, good to hear a 2nd opinion.
    Of course I'm the man for the job! What is the job, by the way?

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    Well just look at what you use the most (photoshop, flash...) and go to a few seminars on that. When I worked at a local print shop, the guy I worked with went to a Photoshop seminar every year. Eventhough he was great, there was always new things he learned.

    Also take a look at what you think might be in the near future for your job. Would you might need to put together I nice video presentation for a meeting? If so, consider looking at After Effects.

    You might want to learn more about flash, but if you don't use it much (or at all) in your job, this might not be the best time to pursue it. stick with what will be most valuable to you and the company for which you work.

    Only you can determine what seminars you need to take to improve your skills for your current job. But I would suggest a photoshop seminar, because photoshop is pretty much used for everything.
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