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Thread: Breaking into the industry

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    Breaking into the industry

    Hey guys,

    just graduated from uni doing a multimedia degree and trying to get into the new media industry in london... finding it very tough with so many excellent a cool designers around... created a simple portfolio (www.robdewell.co.uk) and now waiting for my first break... gonna keep learning, creating funky flash sites, and learning php now...

    how r others finding the new media industry in local towns or london? any suggestions for us all??!!?!?!?!?

    cheers, rob

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    If you can, try to get into a new media company right away. Take the best position they will offer you (even if it's a low position), and learn everything you can. Once you have been employed in the field, you have a foundation to build from. Your first job doesn't have to be a precedent, but more like a stepping stone. Don't be afraid to move to a new company for more money/stability/experience.

    If, however, you are talking about freelancing, then we have another story. It's pretty tough, unless you already have good business skills and experience. I would still suggest getting hooked up with a company right away.


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    1. Until you do get a job, write (or sketch) down every concept you get, and then develop as many as you can into full websites. You need to assemble a body of work that you can show a client.

    2. Show off as wide a variety of skills that you can, but do your best to do so as artfully as possible, even if your focus is development. The HR person looking at your CV is probably not going to understand the details of your techniques, but if she sees pretty things that work she's more likely to pass your CV on to somebody else that would.
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