Before I get too far into this and learn (the hard way) that I should have set it up differently, I figured I'd ask for some help here.

I've got a large graphic (a map) that will be inside a scrollpane. On top of that (within the scrollpane) will be dynamically generated MCs (small circles) that, when rolled over, show text loaded from a database.

Since the graphic is large, I don't want to have to reload it when the user wants to refresh the info from the database. I also want a button in the top level movie that will allow a refresh of the data.

So far I'm guessing that I'll have two movies. One will include the map and the dynamically generated rollovers; the other will house that first movie in a scrollpane. But I'd like to have a preloader display for the map graphic, and a different preloader for the data being fetched (and refetched). How would I set that up? And is two movies the way to go?

Thanks for any suggestions.