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Thread: Flash for Arts sake!

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    Flash for Arts sake!

    Please could somebody help me. I'm currently studying fine Art at St.Martins college in central London. I have become interested in the idea of interactive media as an Artform.

    The idea is to link a vibration sensor to a Mac computer in order to control a flash movie. The veiwer of the peice then becomes intergral to it's function and the way in which the artwork is viewed. Imagine looking at what you thought was a static image, and realising that your body movement is affecting it's colour or shape!

    Any ideas? Can i use a usb connected device? Will a sensor interact with flash in the same way that a keyboard function or a mouse click would? Is there a prograamme that could help a sensor or switch communicate with the flash projector?

    If you know your stuff please email me! The 'fla' files are complete. i just need to know how to affect them with a sensor and whether it be possible.

    Lots of love james.

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    not that this will help you, but I think you can do that sort of thing in director. if all else fails you could possibly embed your swf's in a director movie and have director pass variables to the swf (don't know if that would actually work)

    I believe Director is set up to interact with hardware, not so shure about flash

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    for flash youd be limited to a microphone. What sort of device do you have in mind?
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    i could be wrong, but look at www.northcode.com they've got a free trial of their "wrapper" program that add lots of functions to stand-alone-flash-applications. there might just be some kind of hardware support there. if they haven't got it multidmedia's (note the "d") wrapper might do it.

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