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Thread: Brush Tool line quality MX vs Flash4

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    Brush Tool line quality MX vs Flash4

    Does anyone else here see a big difference in line quality (using the Brush Tool) drawing in Flash MX vs. Flash 4? I do quite a bit of animating using a Wacom Tablet and drawing directly in Flash and I get terrible line quality in MX. I usually end up working in Flash 4 because it looks so much better. I've played around with the Smoothing settings in MX to no end but I'm still getting terrible quality. (see attached sample).


    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Just been looking at your problem and I see what you mean, MX is a little sensative. Not sure what to tell you.

    But ... I took a look around your site ... I've never laughed so hard in my life ... your animations are amazing !!


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    Hey - thanks a lot. That's great to hear. Most of my stuff, especially the early work, is more about the laughs than the quality of the animations. But occasionally I do care how the final product looks.

    I guess for now I'm stuck creating in Flash 4.

    Thanks again!

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