Hi, I'm making a new site... the interface is pretty much done, and I am just starting the content.

you can access the site at:




Software that I use is Adobe Photoshop CS and Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Pro.

I did the logo in photoshop, the font is AnArChY [obviously] and did the anarchy sign myself.

As for the buttons, the icons are from various places like www.wincustomize.com and www.xicons.com. I changed the hues of the icons to red and brought down the opacity a bit. The bubbles that the icons are in were done by me.

The paper graphic was also done by me in photoshop.

The rollover, rollout animations as well as the rest of the animations were done in Flash.

I use fonts from www.fontsforflash.com, they appear very clearly at 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600, but not so well at higher resolutions.

I have a script that detects flash , and detects screen resolution so that the site appears in a full-screen popup

I would gladly like to hear your suggestions, compliments, and critisism.

I am relatively new to photoshop (been using it for a year), but I have been using flash since the days of Flash 4.0 and have been learning actionscript.

Also, do you guys think I have talent? I'm going into high school next year (I'm 14 years old) and was thinking about helping out with the school site. I dont think I am very artistic, as I barely pass art in school every year-- but I am fairly knowlegable about the internet and computers.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.