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Thread: netstream.buffer.empty

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    I just built a player and am having some trouble with netstream.buffer.empty

    It is not being called when it should... at least I think... it should be called when the buffer.length drops below the buffer.time right? ... as you can imagine, this is messing up my player.

    For now, I have come up with the solution of checking the buffer.length property with an interval or an oef function and having the player react accordingly. This is working fine, but is doing what the buffer.empty onStatus event should... I would rather use the built in event than make my own... any suggesstions or insights into why I am having this problem?
    -update: this method isn't so great. sometimes when I am moving the seekbar the buffer.length drops below the buffer.time and the clip shows... i guess I could kill the interval check when the seekbar is being dragged but imo this is just another uneccessary method if everything worked how it was supposed to

    one thing that may be causing the problem is that I am not truly having buffer delays -- my modem is too fast and loads media faster than it plays -- so to test I have been dragging the seek bar to a point just before seek.invalidTime but still far enough to bring the buffer.length to a value below the buffer.time -- this is kind of cheating and so it may not register as true buffer.empty events... i don't know

    -it should be noted that I am getting buffer.full events when the buffer.length catches up and becomes larger than the buffer.time

    should I just drop my buffertime down?

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    Hey flashlorax, did you ever figure out what the problem was and how to solve it?

    I have the exact same problem with the onStatus event handler of the NetStream object: the code property of the infoObject never reports "NetStream.Buffer.Empty." I get "NetStream.Play.Start" and "NetStream.Buffer.Full" but never the empty one.

    I've been searching Flash forums for days and only found a couple of people with the same problem. Nobody has posted a solution or a good workaround.

    I've also e-mailed Lee Brimelow, of gotoAndLearn.com fame, but he didn't respond to me yet.
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