Hello everyone,

I've been figuring out the use of FLV's in Flash and I've come across a few problems. Let me also say that my actionscript is not stellar, as are all my flash skills as I haven't picked it up in a while.

With the FLV, I've read that it doesn't make a lot of sense to preload the flv so I've pretty much given up on that, even though apparently I'm still getting sync problems.

The main thing I need help with is detecting the end of my FLV to tell it to do something when finished. My FLV is in one frame and the following code on the same frame that I found on MM forums is NOT working:

var myListener = new Object();
myListener.complete = function(eventObject){
trace("media is finished");
instance_name.addEventListener("complete", myListener);

if any one has any ideas or can help me out I would greatly appreciate. the sooner you can get back to me, the better! THANKS!!