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Thread: Layout check - Metal Band Site

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    Layout check - Metal Band Site

    Malebolgia Official Web Hell

    Hosted on geocities(crap) not done yet. just need a layout check to get a feel for wether it works well or not.

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    I like the look for sure, but I think there are some usability issues you could work out.
    1) the cursor is a little too faint and hard to see. I like the icon, but if you could make it a little brighter, I think it would be a lot more visible.
    2) Perhaps add an over-state to the cursor. its hard to tell if you are over something that can be clicked or not. (eg. the e-mail address at the bottom)
    3) The button animations could start out a little faster so it is more aparent that you are hovering over it. Again, i think it would help if the cursor changed to something else.
    4) the button transitions could be sped up a little bit. I think they take way to long to turn from white to red.

    Other than that, it looks pretty slick. Seems like it could use some music though...
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    That's a real nice start. I like the dark gothic-like feel. Just a couple issues to add to akroll's comments. I like your rollover action effects, I just wish that they smoothly went back to their resting position when you rolloff instead of snapping back into place. Also, you can click every button if you're fast enough. It's kind of interesting to see the whole line in transition, but I'm sure it's not the effect you're going for. On the other hand I think your border and preloader are great . . . all dripping and such. Nice job and keep up the good work.

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