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Thread: Newbie to pre-loading

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    Newbie to pre-loading

    Is there any way i can set a certain part of my website to load the rest of the site so not waiting on every indivdual section and only on one chunk at the very start.

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    You could build each section as a separate SWF, and load those into a container MC in your main movie using loadMovie, based on the button the user clicks.

    Another way would be to test for a certain number of frames to be loaded before the movie starts playing.


    myInterval = setInterval(preloader, 10);
    function preloader() {
    if (_framesloaded == 100) {

    the movie would still continue to load, but it would start playing after Frame 100 had loaded.

    Of course, it is up to you to determine how many frames to load before the movie starts. I would load it past your first stop(); to make sure the movie did not slow down when it reached an unloaded frame.

    Hope this helps!

    ***EDIT: Not sure if the above script will work as I don't know if "_framesloaded" has been deprecated.
    Try it and see.
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