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Thread: Fade Text

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    Fade Text

    Okay, I really need some help. I was working in flash a long time ago and now I am working in the new MX. I am trying to get text to fade in and I am not to sure how to do it. I just want to fade it into the canvas. Can someone please help me!



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    here goes

    just convert your text to a GRAPHIC symbol first (select the text, hit F8 and select GRAPHIC). next select the graphic symbol you just created and hit F8 again - choose MOVIE CLIP

    Now double click the movie clip symbol to enter edit mode. select the graphic symbol, right click on the timeline on frame 30 (or any other frame, depending on how fast your fade you want to be) and select INSERT KEYFRAME

    next step - right click any frame between 1 and the keyframe you just created and select CREATE MOTION TWEEN.

    last thing to do is go to the first frame, select the graphic symbol and from the PROPERTIES toolbar (on the bottom - if its not there hit CTRL + F3) and choose COLOR: alpha then slide it to 0%

    hit ctrl enter and check it out.

    you might want to add a STOP action to the last frame - right click it, select actions and write stop();

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