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Thread: link database

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    link database

    i am thinking of redesigning our companies current databes which is currently done using MS access. would it be possibel to develop a database in flash that is linked to access.

    I have seen examples of databses done completely in flash is this not a good way to go.

    I have only just thought of doing this so am at the very bottom of this particular knowledge ladder so if your knoweldge could give me a leg up i would much appreciate it.

    exaples and tutorials would be great!!

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    Flash is not , and can not be used as a database. However Flash can communicate with serverside scripts like asp or php, which can get data in to, and out from a database like Access.

    Flash can not talk directly to Access.

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    Hi, you can connect to an Access Database directly without the need for any server side scripts if you use a 3rd party Application.

    Check out Flash Studio PRO v2 which can connect to Access Databases directly - you will also find examples available at http://www.multidmedia.com/software/...udio/downloads - I hope this helps!

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