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Thread: Wanted:Flash Cartooning Group

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    Wanted:Flash Cartooning Group

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here would like to group together up to create a series of flash cartoons.That is to say that I've already got the begingings of an idea for 3(one's is a oneshot deal and two that could be developed into a series) cartoons and that that I find doing flash cartoons as a group is a lot less time consuming than one person doing it all and can be extremely fun to do.

    If anyone here would like to discuss on what I've planned just be prepared that the humor in the cartoons are in the style of the Drew Carey Show,Looney Tunes,Stephen Chow films with the art style similar to that of Joss Agle and Batman(Gotham Knights Version),so if you get why Whose Line is the funniest show ever feel free to IM sairimmer on yahoo messenger, so that we can disscuss what I have planned in detail.

    Hope to hear from ya,


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    im intrested but too busy with other projects

    But i love "Whose Line is it Anyway?"
    and loved Drew Carey Show
    Heard he's making a new show

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    Don't expect a big response. These flash groups are a dime a dozen and 9 out of 10 times, they fall apart before the project even gets off the group. Heres a few pointers.

    - Have a plan and something started, not just an idea.
    - Build up a rep a bit. If people start recognising you around here, they'll be more inclined to help
    - Team up with other animators before hand. If everything goes well, you'll build up a list of contacts who'd be glad to help you.

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    i`ll be glad to help ....

    Hey there i would be glad to help , i`m not a professional nor a great animator but just want to learn and help ...

    check this you`ll got an idea of my works..


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    Hey Pipo,

    If you want to see some of my previovs works you can go here:http://img51.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img51&image=traffic.swf and here:http://img51.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img51&image=story.swf

    And if you think that you could do something simliar to this style.IM me or email me at sairimmer@yahoo.com and we can talk and discuss the ideas I have and maybe we can get somehitng going. The look am going for is very stylized and streamlines(think samurai jack)simple lines and shapes and photographic backgrounds.


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    i would be willing to help out on a project. i dont have any nice work to show you now but i am working on something and as soon as i am done i would be free. if you want to you can contact me at mrc85340@yahoo.com

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    I'm new to flash but I'd be happy to design a logo and do titles. I can also do music, which I have midi samples of below.

    Fly Like An Eagle

    Original midi (I might use this for a project of my own)

    Rockin' (I'm using this for a game)

    Some silly song

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    Okay a lot of you guys have contacted in one form or another and I just wanna say thank you,whatta a great and supportive group you guys got going around in these forums.

    And it seems like we have enough people interested in forming a group for a toon so heres the story idea I had for the first toon we can do.It's kinda based on the Chuick Jones Dot and the Line toon, in particular the part where the line gets injected into these photos and drawings ie. the line as a law enfforcement force and we see the line divinde a street up into 2 lanes.The story is about one's circle search for his missing mate(the female kind not the british term for the word, although we dont know what's he's searching for in the begining he just appears on screen) and throughout his search he ends up in these scenes where he replaces round objects being chased by these other geomteric shapes who are after the circle for knocking them over (sorry if this doesn't make sense)but here's an example of one scene I had in mind:

    (close up on ball)The ball bounces in from right side of screen and the scene zooms back to reveal that the the circle is trapped in a pin ball machine.The goemetic shapes follow but somethng will always go wrong and the geometic shapes will always endup leaving the scene manlged and bruised up.So the game starts and the circle bounces around and as the scene winds down the circle gets past the flipper and we cut to the next scene of the ball falling from the top of the screen(with sweat and speed lines) to find out he now is replacing a volleyball in a game etc...

    So for anyone who's read this far and still want to help with the making of this project. Please feel free to IM me at sairimmer on yahoo messenger or drop me a email and we can talk and make a list of the numbers of scene we need. I also have music already picked out for the scene and I do have a example of something I did in my 3d class of what I sorta want done,but it's too big to post here.

    And hey thanks again for listening, reading and posting.
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