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Thread: Animating Explosions

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    Animating Explosions

    Alright, I need some guidelines/a tutorial on making explosion animations for a game I'm working on. I'm looking for frame by frame animation techniques, not tweens. If anyone has experience in this or knows of a link that could be of help please post it. I also have some character animations, so if you'd like to view them or offer criticism, follow this link (you may need to copy and paste into your browser): http://www20.brinkster.com/dirtymonk...ot%20Demos.swf

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    hey dude!
    your animations look good to me, I like the sword swipes and the "special effects" that go with them. I'd say your char animations look pretty good to me, and they semed to load quickly on 56k (but I wasn't monitoring the speed that much). a small complaint: at times it looks like the pencil lines went over into a spoth where they shouldn'tve, like a leg going into the... bigger boxy part of the leg, you could probably just click-delete those, though. in other words, some cleaning up could be used, but they look pretty good!
    hnmmmm about explosions, I dunno... maybe just make your object, kinda "cut"/"break" it into big chunks, and like you did w/ the swords, have the ... "whoosh" (lol, the transparenty part) follow them, and then each frame draw the pieces smaller and farther apart, with the "trails" (that's the word!) ... but I don't know what type of explosion you're looking for, I mean, for like an atom bomb, you could do like clouds and dust and things... you seem to have drawing pretty much down, clouds and dust = scribblees well, I don't know if I was much help, but good luck!

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    Sometimes i see really cheap explosions...
    they are just small red circles with dust clouds growing imensly big and then just dissapering...
    for instance when a large space ship explodes ,in some anime this is done, the ship is let us say shot by a Gundam... the ship is covered by many small and big circles getting larger then dissapperaing not just one and they dont stop appearing until like a minute later
    (less for a smaller object)

    If you do not understand what i am saying, well you might as well go online and search explosions +.gif or something to see how some explosions are...
    in some cases thos big red balls dont grow but reappear many times on the body of let's say an android or robot or something...

    get me?

    good luck

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