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Thread: URGENT! Randomly placing objects on Screen.

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    URGENT! Randomly placing objects on Screen.

    Hey, I've got to finish a game before 12am today for Clock Day 2004! I forgot about it, being busy with 5 games and 2 animations. I know alot of action-script, unfortunately, I don't know about randomizing. So here's what i'm doing. I've got a game where the character is viewed from the top, and you haveto run around and collect an object, lets say, coins. I need to make it so the coins come and go randomly. Hope someone can help me, I've been searching on how to do this for ages. Thanks for reading this

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    Maybe something like this.... Create a coin movieclip and give it this code.....


    onClipEvent (load) {
    with (_root) {
    movieWidth = 550;
    movieHeight = 400;
    delay = true;
    lastTime = 0;
    wait = 3;
    onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    with (_root) {
    if (delay) {
    if (Math.floor(getTimer()/1000) == lastTime+1) {
    delay = false;
    } else if (Math.floor(getTimer()/1000) == lastTime+wait) {
    lastTime = Math.floor(getTimer()/1000);
    delay = true;
    _x = Math.random()*movieWidth;
    _y = Math.random()*movieHeight;

    Hope it helps

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