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Thread: Business Card CD using Flash MX 2004

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    Business Card CD using Flash MX 2004


    I've got the feeling that I'm missing something pretty basic, but I'm new to Flash, so I need some guidance. Background: I need to create a Flash mini-web site for use on a business card CD. This thing needs to be interactive (people click on stuff for additional info), with voice-overs and video. I don't want people to have to use a web-enabled computer in order for it to run (ie - link to live sites, download players, etc.).

    So, my problem is that I can't quite seem to grok how to build a site purely in Flash. Do I use different scenes for the click-to items, thus building one massive .fla file to export into an .exe? If so, how do I get things to be clickable, moving the user from one scene to another and back again? Or do I need to use Director MX and another approach altogether?

    Hope that all made some sense... :P
    Thanks, in advance, for any help you can provide.

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    There are many ways of doing what you want. Yes you could just contain everything in a single .fla or you could split it up and load external swfs etc. As for making thing clickable..I think you should go through some basic flash tutorials or read the help file - all is revealed there!

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    I would break things up into sections..each section being its own .SWF..

    on the flip side of this..is that this will be CD based..so i dont imagine any preloaders working (or needed)..so one big >FLA might NOT be a problem here (but never ever recommended)

    I would start by making your sections on paper.. draw your MAIN interface..the layout..with navigation....... making "room" or place holders in mind to where you want to load your new content.

    then design each section to fit in that area...making the buttons load your new section/content is NOT hard...as long as you plan ahead.

    As stated before...read a few of the beginner tuts...definately KNOW the termanology...and how to make buttons, graphics, and movie clips. The rest shoudl fall into place..


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