im having some trouble im trying to get this movie to load on the center of this other movie, looks fine when i do it in flash i export it and move it to my web sever and it gets off centerand every one seem to get it in differnt spots take a look

help help me here is the code i was using
//Change "yourFile.swf" to the name of your file.
//Change the 1 to what level you want to load into

//this is a timer that calls the load check function at an
//interval of 100 milliseconds

//In this function you will need to change the _level1 to what
//level you are loading into and also change the x y position.
function loadCheck(){
//get the bytes loaded/total data
var BL=_level1.getBytesLoaded();
var BT=_level1.getBytesTotal();
//check if the file is loaded
if(BL>=BT && BL>0){
//if the .swf is loaded then set the x y cords
_level1._y = -150;
_level1._x = -162;
//and clear the timer

I found that actionscript ont he forms (thank u it was a big help)thank u Julieanne