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Thread: Beer Game Simulation with dynamic chart

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    Beer Game Simulation with dynamic chart


    I'm working on a university project, which intends to develop learning objects for students. Surfing the WWW I found a site that contains a preview of a simplified version of the well known Beer Game Simulation and the idea for a new learning object was born.

    I'd like to develop a simulation like the one above and include additional suppliers and a producer, who order/produce goods every week, based on the orders of the previous part of the supply chain. The user shall be able to insert his orders and finally call up a dynamically created chart, showing the amount of the goods ordered by all members of the chain. In doing this, he (hopefully ) will be able to understand the functioning of the "bullwhip effect".

    My question to the experienced members of the community is, if it's possible to realize this in Flash using and adopting the Charting Components or do I need to code everything in ActionScript.

    Many thanks in advance for any help!!!
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