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Thread: can i call html inside flash?

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    can i call html inside flash?


    Im trying to make a site similar to this one. I want to have a flash shell with the navigation on the top and bottom, but the inside call html pages that can be scrolled inside of it. In the version on that site, its all html. I though of even doing seperate pages with just a flash navigation on the bottom of each, but i dont know how ot make the html scrollable in that case. Let me know.

    Also if there are good sites that have navigation bars like this or templates, point me in the right direction!

    Email: ram29@drexel.edu

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    That site doesn't look like it's using HTML to me - looks like one big flash movie with some content that resembles HTML-style formatting.

    This may be simpler if you want that 'wrap-around' frame effect. You could use XML files to supply some of the dynamic content.

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