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Thread: Voice Actors Needed For Project....

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    Voice Actors Needed For Project....

    OKay a rough draft know exists and is in the process of trying to get voice actors for the roles of Lil Devil,Lil Angel, and a Hell phone operator(check the sketches in the picture exchange forum). So if you can voice act free to IM sairimer 01 or sairimmer on yahoo messenger or just post a message here un these forums.

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    The script for our first episode of LilHeads is now
    complete and storyboards are being done but we still
    need voice actors for our project. It's a long term gig
    since we are making a series out of it so we need you
    to be able to commit to long term voice acting duties
    for the chracters.

    The roles we have are:

    Lil Angel- The voice am seeking is monotone and has
    the sarascatic tone of Brian the dog from Family Guy.
    Or maybe even bugs bunny

    Lil Devil- A high type voice, or like a duffy duck
    without a lisp(but not super high) or impress me or
    show me something different

    Lil DJ-Has to be able sing off key like Bill Murrary
    as a lounge singer,or impress me or
    show me something different

    So please AIM sairimer 01 or msn sairimmer@hotmail.com
    if you're interested in the role.

    Here is a short test animation scene for episode one:


    Here's a link to chracter sketches so you can get a
    feel for the characters:
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    you need partiular accent in the voice.
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    Not in particular,I posted those voices as examples of what I want in the voice. But the chracters of Devil and Angel voices have to work well together.

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